Friday, August 24, 2012

End of my Journey

I am sorry to report that I am getting off the trail. In the past several weeks I have had quite a bit of pain in my left ankle. (which was weak when I began) The only thing that has kept me going for the last few weeks is a steady dose of Ibprofen. Now my stomach has begun to bother me from eating too many of the pills. (10-12 per day). I felt is was better to stop now and finish at a later date as opposed to doing damage to my foot, and never finishing. I completed 1650 of the 2185 miles. I walked through 11 of the 14 states that the A.T. crosses. ( I have actually hiked approx. 70 miles of the AT in Vermont a few yrs. ago with Shellie) I hope to complete this journey one day with Shellie if she chooses to join me.( and put up with me).

 I have had an amazing time and met many interesting and fascinating people on my journey.I never thought that at my age I would ever get such a wonderful opportunity. And for this, I am eternally grateful to my family and friends that made such a trip possible.

I wish you all a lifetime of adventure and happiness !

                                                                      Tony  aka( Krispy)

The highest peak in Mass.

A view looking south across Mass and into Connecticutt. (Berkshires)

A view looking north toward the Green Mts. of Vermont from Mt. Greylock, Mass.

Ponds and Bogs

One of the many ponds I would pass by in Mass. The weather up here is great !

One of the many bogs I would pass by in Mass. Another nice day of weather near Dalton, mile 1630

Massachusetts Mile 1600

The woods got much darker, quieter, and mossier in Mass. The color took on a much deeper green. There was a lot more pine trees and water sources. A very nice state to hike in and one of my favorites so far.

Alien Creatures

I have never seen these before and thought they were rather unusual looking. upon further inspection I felt they looked alot like little alien creatures........ or eyeballs on a stick.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Miss Vanessa Breton

Vanessa runs a hiker bed and breakfast out of her home in Conn. She was an absolute sweetheart. We hit it off so well that when I left she gave me a pair of earrings to send home for Shellie. Vanessa makes jewelry and sells it at local markets and via the internet. She has her own very nice, upscale packaging etc. The pair she gave me were sterling silver with turquoise and fresh water pearls...... awesome ! This was one of my favorite places to stay along the trail.

The outside of Miss Vanessa's vintage northeastern home.

The United States first Library,Salisbury, Conn.

In 1803 Caleb Bingham established the Salisbury Public Library, the nations oldest. It was created for use by young people , ages 9 thru 16. It was so popular that many adults used it as well.